Obelisk EP - Support From MishkaDJ

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“cosmically beautiful, incredibly atmospheric”

“It seems that last year’s short-term hype around near-trance music still has consequences, since Progressive house and EDM releases, which can hardly be attributed to festival, commercial sound, began to appear in my tape on Soundcloud. Today I am very pleased to present you the Obelisk mini-album, recorded by a California DJ and producer Idem Zerum.

The opening album number “Eternal” with both legs stands on the territory of melodic techno and has most of the features inherent in this genre - a recognizable, unusual and swaying rhythm, minimalistic melody. A wonderful track to start the journey.

The title track “Obelisk” did not give a name to the release for nothing - the little thing is cosmically beautiful, incredibly atmospheric, and fellow DJs, if you plan events on Cosmonautics Day, then you definitely can’t do without this track.

An even deeper and trance sound can be found on A Digital Rose, the bass line of which is a real diamond and is perfectly revealed on the club sound system ...

... and if it seemed to you that the track is not good enough, then it is better to pay attention to its vocal version, recorded with the participation of Junelle Rose - the owner of an unrealistically beautiful voice.

It is possible that in 2018 a lot of excellent Progessive house releases await us and I am glad that one of the first artists who managed to win my attention was Idem Zerum.”

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Derek Beyelia

Techno - House - Progressive