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“The intro to Idem Zerum’s “A Healing Place” sounds like the beginning of a soundtrack to a high tech thriller taking place in Cairo.

The song edges into a progressive techno beat with a sound and feel like you’re in a transport rushing through night time skies past the city lights and hints of massive human activity headed to where you destiny awaits you.

Idem Zerum has crafted a song that clearly has a footing in different strains of EDM including progressive trance and techno.

But in aiming to avoid the sonic tropes and utter predictability of so much of the commercialized end of that music he has made a track that is both of made up of the stuff of modern EDM and a step into its future.”

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A Healing Place - supported by Mishka DJ

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“Californian musician Idem Zerum is one of my few progressive house favorites and whether it’s a deep house or a trendy melodic techno, he turns out to be just wonderful and of course I can’t calmly go past his new single “A Healing Place”.

The dense electronic bass, trance groove and all this is generously seasoned with oriental mysticism. The concept is sustained by a solid ten, so turn it on louder and go on a transcendental journey.”

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A Glimpse of the Horizon - Supported by Acid Ted

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“Idem says that he favours deep progressive and chugging techno. On A Glimpse of the Horizon that’s pretty much what you get. The melodic charms of progressive house allied with something stronger in the beats and breaks to leave a richly satisfying whole. A fabulous seven minute whirl on the dance floor but deeply melodic throughout and with more hooks than velcro to keep you fastened there.”

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A Glimpse of the Horizon - Supported by Mishka Dj

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“‘A Glimpse Of The Horizon’, I think he went to a new level.”

“Released at the beginning of the year, the mini-album ‘Obelisk’ by American producer Idem Zerum has been on my playlist for quite some time and I like the way it mixes dance electronica with ethnic motifs and its fresh single

’A Glimpse Of The Horizon’, I think he went to a new level.

Deep, hypnotic sound, bright Middle Eastern flavor, a few curtsies towards techno, and as a result - a great track for late at night. and a real gift to an audience tuned to an audio journey.”

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Jahren - on Synths of Eden

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Synths of Techno: Idem Zerum – Jahren

Newest feature of Synths of Techno is Jahren, a progressive house track by Californian producer Idem Zerum. Noisy at the beginning, it later turns to an atmospheric progressive house, full of colourful synthesizers that sound like strings, and a compelling rhythm followed by an oriental style of vocals.

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Jahren - "Clever dark satisfying techno."

Jahren has been supported by

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“Idem Zerum offers Jahren. Apparently from the US but with a German track title. This is moody European techno, all dark pulsing bass and beats. And I love that approach. There’s a little ethereal wailing for a splash of exoticism. It ultimately offers a restrained approach, resisting the temptation for an easy, early peak. It’s content to lead you up the dark garden path only to give release when it’s goood and ready. Clever dark satisfying techno.”

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The Path Inward - Support from Mishka Dj

“Idem Zerum, adhering to the canons of progressive house music, pumps his sound with a lot of very unexpected elements.”

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The mixing of styles and blurring between genres has always seemed to me a very attractive phenomenon, characterizing the changes taking place with dance electronics. Dubstep turned into a heavy trap, techno grew up with trance music elements or went headlong into a soft crunchy deep house, but the hero of this post, American producer Idem Zerum, adhering to the canons of progressive house music, pumps his sound with a lot of very unexpected elements.

Recently, this artist released the excellent album “The Path Inward”, which the artist himself describes as music for raves in the forest or desert, and I would like to separately note a couple of tracks that give an idea of what he is recording.

“Liquid Consciousness” minimalistic but melodic little thing with a very interesting atmosphere, ethnic motifs, tech house beats and interesting bass fits perfectly into the artist’s characteristics and dancing under the stars to such a pure pleasure.


But, it is expected that the track, which gave the album its name, is several times cooler - energetic beats, springy bass, space pit “pit” and the second half of the track are a real space journey, somewhat reminiscent of a more accessible version of goa trance, which decided to become deep house hit. Inventive move and more than worthy of its implementation.

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Obelisk EP - Support From MishkaDJ

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“cosmically beautiful, incredibly atmospheric”

“It seems that last year’s short-term hype around near-trance music still has consequences, since Progressive house and EDM releases, which can hardly be attributed to festival, commercial sound, began to appear in my tape on Soundcloud. Today I am very pleased to present you the Obelisk mini-album, recorded by a California DJ and producer Idem Zerum.

The opening album number “Eternal” with both legs stands on the territory of melodic techno and has most of the features inherent in this genre - a recognizable, unusual and swaying rhythm, minimalistic melody. A wonderful track to start the journey.

The title track “Obelisk” did not give a name to the release for nothing - the little thing is cosmically beautiful, incredibly atmospheric, and fellow DJs, if you plan events on Cosmonautics Day, then you definitely can’t do without this track.

An even deeper and trance sound can be found on A Digital Rose, the bass line of which is a real diamond and is perfectly revealed on the club sound system ...

... and if it seemed to you that the track is not good enough, then it is better to pay attention to its vocal version, recorded with the participation of Junelle Rose - the owner of an unrealistically beautiful voice.

It is possible that in 2018 a lot of excellent Progessive house releases await us and I am glad that one of the first artists who managed to win my attention was Idem Zerum.”

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Obelisk - Supported by The Groove Cartel


Progressive House/Melodic Techno EP called ‘Obelisk’ is out now by Californian DJ Idem Zerum

“and it’s totally next level.”

“Based in California, Idem Zerum blesses us with an EP of four tracks called “Obelisk EP” including Progressive House & Melodic Techno.

After a couple of singles by this guy, now it’s time for him to calm our ears with his new EP. He always tries to make something that’s underground and far away from the mainstream, things that are happening. Everything on the EP is made by himself; from the sound-design to mixing, mastering & arrangement.

Talking about the EP, it starts with ‘Eternal’ which has a little dark & an uplifting vibe with heavy basslines. Idem has managed to start the EP in a blistering style.

The second one is called ‘A Digital Rose’ and it has 2 versions, one with vocal and one without it. it has a pleasant progression throughout along with an eargasmic melody that plays in the background with a delayed effect; the piano sounds are surely going to hit you softly.

The third track of the EP features vocals from Junelle Rose and it’s the second version of ‘A Digital Rose’. The vocals give the track an emotional touch and it demonstrates the evolving style of Idem’s music, creating an impressively fresh atmosphere in the room.

The final track of the EP is called Obelisk. The term ‘Obelisk’ means a tapering stone pillar which is usually set up as a landmark or a monument. This clearly says that Idem Zerum’s music is going to last forever and his name may sound new in this game, but his experience is far away from a newbie. This track is filled with a visceral intensity and has hypnotic sounds that have an electric baseline.”

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Obelisk EP - Supported by PitchUp

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Idem Zerum è un producer americano, californiano per la precisione, che ha da poco sfornato il suo Obelisk Ep.

Quattro tracce techno-progressive senza fronzoli, con belle melodie e groove ritmati e dai ritmi abbastanza lenti per il genere, che arrivano dritto al punto.
Ne consigliamo l’ascolto! “


Idem Zerum is an American producer, Californian to be precise, who has recently produced his Obelisk Ep.

Four techno-progressive tracks with no frills, with beautiful rhythmic melodies and grooves and quite slow rhythms for the genre, which get straight to the point. We recommend listening!”

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