Hello world... Idem Zerum here. 

I live in California, USA and I have been working to master electronic music production since I was 18.

As a senior in high school I watched Porter Robinson become a phenomenon and thought "Wow, I could do that too. Nothing is stopping me. I should follow my dreams!" While all of these thoughts are true, I severely underestimated the skill, patience, and tenacity needed to 'make it big.' At the time, thats all I cared about - making it big. However, over the years, my musical taste changed and I became obsessed with more serious styles of dance music, and with the process of music creation itself; then my goals changed.

Now my only goal (other than to sustain a decent living from making music), is to become a master; a world-class expert at crafting beautiful and breath-taking dance music. This has been quite the journey so far, and will continue to be a life-long one. I wont give up until these dreams are captured.

As a beginner, my focus was Electro House, then I moved through the subgenres of dance and I have moved on to Progressive House. I feel that PsyTrance and particularly Progressive House are my calling, the genres that beckon my creative soul.

Furthermore, I have a vision of the Dance Music scene and how I want to change it. The fans of today's music industry - particularly in Dance Music - face a grimly over-advertised and commercial dialogue. As fans we are constantly being let down by catchy personas used for social marketing and quirky gimmicks used to convince you that you are seeing the "best-act-ever." The big EDM hype is a mask for acts that are superficial and lack luster. 

I want to remedy this situation and I believe that dancing and music is a meaningful expression; one that deserves respect and is essential to life. I find no passion and no meaning in making music just for the sake of getting plays. Today's true fans are savvy enough to see through these facades (I hope). I think that we deserve Electronic Dance musicians who don't place their persona or their celebrity status as priority over their music. 

As an artist and as a fan, I am jaded to overhyped performers, festivals, and acts that brand themselves bigger than their actual music. I think that true dance music is an experimental and collaborative artwork in which creation takes place not only in the hands of the producer, but also within the minds and actions of the fans. 

I wants my listeners to paint the narrative of my music within their own minds and feelings. I want my music to be an atmospheric and amorphous aura that is palpable in clubs and at festivals around the world.

One of the most beautiful aspects of Dance Music is that as it hypnotizes your soul, you can create whatever story the music inspires in your mind. You as a listener, are a huge part of the creative process, and the final product takes place inside your own mind, not in my hands.

I am seeking a paradigm shift in the realm of popular Electronic Music. My firm belief is that the musical experience has become skewed due to focusing on performance acts that care little for the music and place primary concern with becoming modern rockstars. This is why the market is so saturated and ghost producing is so commonplace. 

I seek an environment where the fans do not face a stage; an environment where the focus is not on the DJ. I want my fans to focus on the rhythmic atmosphere pervading their senses and I want them to groove infectiously, becoming lost and entranced in synthetic reality. I hope to end the bland, industry standard of jumping-and-fist-pumping, and to replace it with amalgams of endless, grooving limbs - facing one another and rejoicing. 

Idem Zerum means "Identity Zero" - this phrase comes from the belief that a celebrity persona should not be the emphasis of the Dance Music experience and that music used for dancing should be a symbiotic ambience that inspires, relaxes and energizes the listener; allowing them to celebrate and influence the identity of the music with their own experience.

I want my fans to be engaged, to see my vision and the passion I have for our collective artwork of dance.

Anyway, I hope you like my music. Please feel free to contact me for any reason.

Idem Zerum